Choosing the right franchise for your American project and E-2 Visa

Relying on a partner already established and recognized on American soil will allow you to make it easier to obtain and renew your visa or green card, but also to optimize your chances of success.

Our consulting firm DNX Consulting is an expert in American franchises and companies open to immigrant investors in the United States.

Doing business in the USA and obtaining your E-2 Visa or EB-5 Green Card is an adventure.

We support you in your project


Analyze your project and select the opportunities best suited to your profile and your search criteria


Guide you through regulatory constraints and specific procedures


Negotiate for you the best conditions for obtaining your visa, the success of your business and your installation on American soil


Coordinate the various stakeholders in your project: lawyer, accountant, real estate agent, etc.

We work with more than 200 franchises

Present in all industries and all states in the United States.

Some franchises with which we work were created by French people whom we are proud to support in their development. We also work with companies that are developing with models other than franchising and that offer very profitable opportunities.

A good information for a good decision

The answers to your most frequently asked questions: What is a franchise? What is the E-2 investor visa? What are the steps to invest with a franchise and obtain an E-2 Visa? What are the deadlines for an E-2 visa with deductible?

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Professional advisory coach to assist those who are needing to discover the proper investment opportunity to own their own franchise or business. Stephane has over 400 choices to provide to his investors to assure proper options for the investment. All of Stephane’s services are at no cost to the investor. Stephane also has access to multiple funding sources to assist the interested investor.
RichardFranchise Consultant