What is the E-2 investor visa?

Qu'est-ce que le visa investisseur E-2 ?

This Visa allows entrepreneurs to come and live on American soil with their families and work in their business. There are several criteria required to obtain this visa, among others:

  • That the investor’s country of origin be included in the list of countries with which the United States has a reciprocity treaty. The list of these “treaty countries” is available on the official American immigration site.
  • That the investment be substantial, that is, sufficient for the success of the business.
  • That you can justify where your funds come from.
  • Whether the business already exists and is already in business or able to start up quickly at the time of your Visa application.

Note that this is one of the huge advantages of the franchise for obtaining an E-2 visa; As the franchise brings a history of entrepreneurial success through its network of existing franchisees, you will not have to go to the embassy with a business already in operation and already having positive accounting results.

Due to its history and the franchise network, a business plan will be sufficient to present you with a solid case at the embassy. In other words, unlike a buyout or pure creation, you will be able to obtain your visa through a franchise before starting activity on American soil and thus limit operational and financial risks.

The E-2 Visa offers a number of advantages if you are lucky enough to have an eligible nationality:

  • Simple and fast procedure,
  • Visa and work permit for your spouse, visa for your children until they come of age,
  • Possibility to bring up to 10 “essential employees” from your home country with the same visa.